Wooden, perfectly balanced. Precisely machined from exotic and domestic hardwoods. Tight, long-lasting strings add longer life to your yo-yo. Special orders may come with custom strings, up to six different colors on one string. Styles include String Trick, Looping and hybrid.








A new hybrid yo-yo and top manufactured only by Alan Gray is the diabolo spinning top. For the ultimate spinning experience, try this one out. You may not go back to the simpler models.             




Diabolo Hand Sticks:
Our high quality hand sticks perform better than the regular wooden sticks. Made of light-weight, hollow fiberglass, our diablo hand sticks lead the way in this market. They are strong, well balanced, and ultra responsiven. The small diameter fiberglass givs you incredible grind time. Alan also offers different colored handles and color schemes. Varying lengths, upon request.










Pendants and earrings
Rounded driedel with squared-offo sides, shoulder on top. Each game symbol is hand carved into the driedel, rather than pressed or painted on.





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