Be one of a privileged few to own an Alan Gray top.
Made out of exotic woods, Alan's tops can be made exactly to order. The quality of each top speaks for itself, and the attention to detail by the artist guarantees you will receive a piece of art. Each top has been test spun to be sure it is balanced and spins well. You won't be sold a bad top. Recommendations are available upon request.


Double Play
Triple Play
Whip Top
High Shoulder

Bearing Tip

Hollow Top
Coconut Diablo
Alan Gray and the Great Bambino

Standard Size Tops
Standard tops are are 3" high, 2" in diameter. Styles include Triple Play, Double Play and Dugout.

Large Tops
Larger tops, ranging anywhere from 3" to 9" in diameter, are also available for the true top lover. 3" tops are a little larger and spin a little longer since they have more mass. Slightly more difficult to spin, you have to hold the tip up and a little more to the side to compensate for the added weight.

Oversized Tops
Tops 4" and above have to be held more like a bowling ball, with the tip out to the side. Tossing needs to begin a little slower, gradually accelerating towards the end of the throw. Be more careful when you grab it if it's spinning at full speed, because it has much more energy and it could sprain your wrist. Expect to get plenty of dings in the top because it will run into furniture. Oversized tops are less predictable than 2" tops and they usually have metal tips. They are best used outside. Large tops are designed to be thrown, but some may wish to just display them. If you're going to throw a very large top and catch it, we recommend using a helmet, steel toed boots, a glove and have a strong arm. These mega tops can pack quite a punch.

Hollow tops
Hollow tops spin longer than solid tops since the mass of the top is concentrated at the outside of the top.

Mini tops
Small finger tops which have the shape of a balloon and can be launched with the snap of a finger. These tops are less than 1" in diameter.

Micro tops
These tops are no larger than 1/4" in diameter

Whip tops
These are one of the oldest tops in the world They are kept spinning by constant whipping the top using a leather strap attached to a stick.

Top tips
Fixed tips, bearing tips and wooden tips. Coming soon, bearing tips in two parts.

Dugout and yo-yo strings are specially made by Alan Gray. These unique strings are stiffer, last longer and are more tightly wound so they don't wear out as fast as ordinary strings.





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