One of the oldest toys in the world, the spinning top has long fascinated boys and girls, men and women of all ages. Now enjoying renewed popularity by juggling and spinning experts around the world, it is time once again to become involved with the spinning top.

WoodTops offers the widest assortment of quality spinning toys, all presicely crafted to give you incredible performance and collectability. Alan Gray is the only artist/craftsman making two-part tops, three-part tops and hollowed out tops where the string stores inside the top and is closed with the button. His techniques are unique and create the smoothest, most balanced, most presice tops ever made. While Duncan's wooden two-part tops were never well balanced and don't spin well, Alan Gray makes a perfectly balanced top, one sure to please even the most advanced top player. If you want a perfectly balanced wooden top, of two-part or three-part construction, the only place to get them is WoodTops. If you want a high quality standard or more exotic top, you can also find them at WoodTops. Look around our web site to see the rich variety of custom tops already made by Alan Gray. To order an Alan Gray top, send us specifications for your own custom design. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of most designs.

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